FIRE Escape 6: Weavers Cottage - What's next?

FIRE Escape 6: Weaver's Cottage

We're now just 4 sleeps away from the 6th FIRE Escape at Weaver's Cottage. The excitement is building.... The anticipation is palpable.... and Thurlstone's Financial IQ is about to go through the roof! 

Finding FIRE

The address is Weaver's Cottage, Leapings Lane, Thurlstone, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S36 9QP - BUT don't use this postcode!

The owner suggested using S36 9RB instead, which is for Rock Side Road. There are two Leapings Lane in Thurlstone, and the addresses postcode will take you to the wrong one. 

Once on Rock Side Road, which is south of the River Don, go to the top of the hill. You'll come to a fork in the road. Take the right option (has a sign for a dead end) which is the Leapings Lane we're looking for. Weavers Cottage is the 2nd house on the left. This spot is represented by a star in the map below. 

The red cross is the incorrect location you get if you search for it on google.

Contact Details

If you don't have it already, please email me and request my mobile number. If you have any problems, I'll hopefully be able to direct you back on course. 

The cottage has wifi, so if the phone reception is poor, you can contact me via email. 


Arrival is from 3.00pm on Friday. 

I'll be arriving at this time (traffic permitting) so please don't come too much earlier or you'll be sat outside waiting. 

Departure is 10.00am on Sunday.

If you're not stopping at the cottage, you probably won't be missing much on the Sunday morning. People tend to get up, have breakfast and make their way home. 


It's a self catered accommodation, so we just need to bring our own food. There will be sugar, tea, coffee, salt pepper and oils, but that's about it. Lou and I will bring extras just in case. We'll also buy a 4 pint of milk, loaf of bread and butter to cover some of the basics. 

Please bring with you any food that you need for the weekend. 

Lou and I will be cooking a Chicken Pie on Friday night (well, more Lou and less me in reality). It contains chicken, mushroom, leek, cream and filo pastry. Everyone is welcome to it. We understand that not everyone will want or be able to eat it due to dietary reasons. Don't worry, zero offense taken. 

If your also interested in cooking a meal for everyone or if you plan on bringing anything in bulk, please leave a comment below. 

There's a Tesco Supermarket within minutes of the cottage - Market Lane, Penistone, Sheffield S36 6TS. So, we can plan meals or chip in towards anything we're short of. 

How much does it cost?

The accommodation cost me £548 for the 2 nights. It's a non-profit weekend, so I pass back any donations onto the people that are stopping at the location. 

Currently, that's £68.50 for the 8 x people stopping at the Cottage. Fortunately, it'll end up being slightly less than that due to people using alternative accommodation or attending as day guests, but I'm not sure what it is yet....

If you're not stopping at the Cottage, but plan on joining us for part or all of the weekend, could you please email me with the following information?

1) What day & time are you arriving? 
2) What day & time are your departing?
3) Who's attending with you?
4) Your suggested donation amount. 

We've previously accepted £20-£30 donations for day guests. Again, if you're paying for 2 nights accommodation elsewhere, which happens to be more than £68.50, let me know. We'll come to a reasonable agreement. 

The aim is to find the right balance between having more people attend & not having the 'Cottage-Stoppers' feel short changed (as they make the weekend possible!). 

If you're stopping at the cottage, I'll confirm the amount and request payment once I've received donations from 'non-stopper-overs'. I would prefer to receive the payment prior to the weekend, and via Bank Transfer (if possible). 

Anything else?

If I've missed anything, or you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. 

See you all very soon!

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