UPDATE: FIRE Escape January 2017

Despite my New Year enthusiasm, it looks like setting up a FIRE Escape within the next couple of weeks is just too short notice for most people. 

Not to worry!

It's clear that the FIRE Escape weekends still interest people. I just need to allow more time for people to commit. 

Therefore, I've decided to delay the January FIRE Escape date, and work towards a weekend in March instead. 

Thank you to those that expressed interest in attending. I hate putting things out there and having them fall through, but I feel confident that the March dates will lead to the weekend going ahead. I hope that the new dates work for you. 

I like the idea of having a January FIRE Escape because if you're anything like me, you'll be motivated by the new year and what possibilities await. If you're somewhat disappointed by the FE delay to March then drop me an email (via the contact box) and we can set up a Skype call to discuss your plans or chat about personal finance in general. 

I'll commit to a weekend date within the next 7 days and I'll confirm the exact location shortly after. The location will be in the midlands somewhere to accommodate more people from all corners of the country. 

Stay tuned for the new FIRE Escape date, and some breaking news about my new financial Blog.... (EastEnders Duff Duff sound)

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