FIRE Escape - January 2017

I'm now 6 weeks into my new lifestyle in Cambridge and it's been bloody marvellous so far! I've settled in very quickly and it already feels like home. There are a couple of things I miss from moving down here. Both of which are simple, yet important to my existence:

  1. Broadband
  2. Friends
Ahh, broadband. Those were the days. I could turn on my computer in my office and search the web, conduct business and download films I shouldn't. Our home, as of yesterday, had a phoneline installed. Praise the Lord! Our router is finally on it's way, and I'm hoping to be able to use broadband (the Opty Fiber one too) in the next 1-2 weeks. I can't tell you how much I've missed it!

Lou's aunt has been lovely, and allowed me to use hers as much as I've wanted. This has allowed me to take care of basic business needs, but not progress in my normal manner. Despite the generous offer, using someone else's stuff like this just doesn't sit well with me. I like to sort myself out and moan about it instead. I'm writing this wedged at the corner of my home, barely tapping into the intermittent wifi whilst not leaving the house. 

I also miss my buddies. I used to organise the monthly 'Man-Time' with my friends back in Herefordshire. I'm yet to branch out on my own down here and join local clubs/associations, but I think I'm at that time now. I plan on joining a range of clubs within my interests based around MMA, fitness/weightlifting, poker, and perhaps a group for entrepreneurs/FIRE to meet some like minded people. 

Speaking of which...

FIRE Escape 2017

I didn't organise an autumn FIRE Escape due to it conflicting with my house move. Now we're settled, I think it's time to get it up and running again. I've been quiet on the blogging scene this year, but I still get people asking me about these meet ups. It seems like they generate a lot of interest. 

Are you interested?

For now, I'd like to get the feelers out there and see if this is worth me organising. I was thinking of setting one up in the New Year to kick start 2017 and go from there. 

Date = TBC
Location = TBC

I was initially thinking mid-Jan, as the first week or so can be difficult. We've previously ran it for Fri-Sun and it works quite well. Some people like and Lou stop the entire weekend, whilst others stop by for 4-6 hours to say hello and then go home. It's totally up to you. 

I'll try to keep the cost around the same as Gaer Hall = £600 for the weekend. This results in people paying approx £60 for 2 nights, £30 for 1 night and £20-£30 contribution (negotiable) for day guests.

I'll try to select a location that's central in England to reduce overall travel costs. The cost will depend on the amount of people attending, and the amount of people stopping over. 

The building we hire will go down to the numbers, and that's where you come in. If you're interested in coming along to meet some like-minded people, can you leave a comment in this post expressing that you're interested and answer the following questions for me?:

  1. Who be attending with you? (eg. alone, 2 kids or you+1)
  2. Your approx arrival day/time and departure day/time? (eg. Fri-Sun or Sat 1-6pm)
  3. If you're interested in stopping overnight in the house or not?

Once I've got a ball park of numbers and bed requirements, I'll start searching properties to rent and I can present more accurate costings. 

We usually have 50% attendees that have been before and 50% newbies to the weekend. EVERYONE is welcome. 

Attendees only need to be interested in FIRE = Financial Independence, Retire Early. 

You can be at any stage in your financial journey, it doesn't matter. We have people attend that are in debt to people that have been retired for multiple years and everything in between. 

I think it's worth also asking those of you that have attended the FIRE Escapes before to share your opinions of it. It can sound a little cultish or weird to people that haven't been before. So, can you share your experience. It might just help encourage someone else to attend. 

Thanks again, and stay tuned!

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