An honest video... I wanna quit!

I didn't want to film this video. I don't like to admit I'm struggling or feeling weak, but I want to be as real as possible in how I conduct myself in life and in these videos...

A lot of people on Youtube/Blogs talk about their achievements or about how cool everything is going in their life. I'm one of them, right. 

Well, in this video I want to be honest and open about my struggles on creating my online course over the last 2 weeks. 

In this video I discuss:
➢Why I felt like quitting
➢Why I didn't
➢How I'm moving forward

I hope you find some value in it. So here goes...

*This video was inspired by Chris Moore, from Barbell Shrugged and Barbell Buddha. He sadly passed away on Monday 6th June, at the age of 35, doing what he loved. 

Thanks for keeping me company during my 9-5 lunch breaks, and for sharing your wisdom on living a better life. 

Link to Barbell Buddha Podcast:

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