My Self Publishing Course - Launch Date Confirmed

It's happening.....

It's been a long time coming, but I've finally put myself out there and committed to a completion date for my online course:

31st July 2016
(75 DAYS AWAY! Gulp)

In this video, I share details on how you can sign up to notifications of when the course goes live, but that's not all... 

...I go on to explain how you can enter the Launch Competition and be in with a chance of winning FREE lifetime memberships to my course by joining my notification list. 

...Receive FREE one-to-one coaching with me (cost £200 per hour)

...And benefit from substantial discounts on the course cost (up to 75% off!)

The Ebook Investor

I wasn't able to get and I was unsure what to call my website that would hold all my Kindle Publishing related stuff - ie. Self Publishing Course, Kindle related articles/information, Kindle Resources/Tools, Contact information and Coaching Details etc. 

After some contemplation, I finally decided on I felt that the name best represented my message and how I coach compared to the many others out there. I liked that it represented more than just a name. 

...I'm curious, what do you think of it?

I came into Self Publishing as an investor (of sorts...). My experience and data from investing in stocks and shares has served me very well in Kindle Publishing. 

It helped me identify how lucrative it was.... and still is. For example, on my most recent book launch (within the last 10 days), my book made me over 110% ROI in 12 hours. There aren't many investments where you can get a return like that!!

It also gave me reassurance when I reviewed my worst selling audio book. It was averaging 0-2 sales a month after 5 months, which is very poor! However, after checking my ROI sheet it still came to 7.4%. Some would argue that's a fair return for a Passive Investment after 5 months. If it were to continue on that path for 12 months, it would earn me approx 17%. And that's my worst book!*

I've learned to seek the best value I can, and at the right price, in order to maximise the biggest returns fro myself long term - and where possible - to set up Passive Income streams. All of which I've developed as an investor.  

If you head over to now you'll currently find a landing page (and nothing else) where you can sign up to my Notification List. As I've explained above, you could be in with a chance of receiving my course FREE for life, FREE Coaching, and other Large Discounts, but you've got to be on the list to stand a chance. 

'Innovative Self Publishing'

With the website name finalised, I moved over to the course name. I was racking my brain for ages over this one. 

I once again went for an option that personified my message and approach - Innovation.  

I like to focus on the original, creative, and more effective methods to Self Publishing (and most other things!). This isn't because I believe I can re-invent the wheel. More that I want to make sure my books stand out from the many others out there. 

My course message will be the same. It won't be just like the others. I've taken my time to develop the content to make sure it stands out above the crowd and offers more value to the end user. 

If you search 'Kindle Publishing' or 'Self Publishing', you'll find a whole host of names. I wanted mine to be different from the others I came across, represent my message, and stand out in google or Youtube searches. 

Follow My Journey Progress

I almost used the 'J-word', please forgive me. But I'm excited to announce that I'll be tracking my progress on creating the course to keep in line with the deadline, to give you an insight into the process of making a course, and also give you a sneaky peak into the modules, content, design work etc. 

If you're interested in following me through this project you can Subscribe to my Youtube Channel Here.

If you have any suggestions as to what section you'd like me to film, please let me know in the comments below!

If you want to be notified when 'Innovative Self Publishing' is available, as well as all the other cool free stuff and discounts - click on the link below and enter your email address:

*My best is currently 5,822% for those that are interested (accurate up to March 2016)

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