Matched Betting: Profit Maximiser - NEW £1 Trial

The maker behind Profit Maximiser, Mike Cruickshank, must be tuning into these Blog threads or it's just a case of sheer luck, because he's finally produced something many people are looking for...

... a low cost trial of Profit Maximiser

£1 for 14 days in fact. 

I hope The FIRE Starter doesn't mind me sharing this - Although I'm sure he doesn't seeing he posted it in my comment section - but he asked the following on my recent Matched Betting Post just a few days ago:

"Can you post any screenshots of Profit Maximiser? They don't offer a free trial and all I can see is that awful sign up page which really puts me off. And I don't want to bother with their 30 money back offer, I would rather just have a free trial offer/account like OddsMonkey and Profit Acca do.
From what I've seen/used OddsMonkey is far and away the best and most technologically advanced product and the best value for money."
Just this afternoon, I've received an email from Mike Cruickshank highlighting his new trial membership at just £1 for 14 days. FYI - This email was sent to all members, not me personally!

It might not be free TFS, but £1 is a pretty good alternative, don't you think!

This £1 trial is also a trial for Mike too by the looks of it. He's going to do it for the upcoming Euro 2016 football tournament, and see how many takers it gets. No doubt his decision to continue with it or not will rest on how many people go on to become full members and the type of feedback he receives for it. 

So, I'm not sure how long this will be available??

I've used PM for a couple of months now, and as a matter of fact, it's the only Matched Betting membership site I've used. So, I don't have any experience in comparing it to other sites. But I have to say, I would happily recommend it to anyone! 

Guy from Matched Betting Guy summed it up very well on our recent Matched Betting Q&A

It's cheaper than Profit Accumulator (£150 a year), it's reoccurring offers are very lucrative (Guy's main earner), it's facebook group is excellent for providing great betting matches (saves time searching for them), and there's more information on areas that aren't as well covered on Matched Betting like Casino, Slots and Bingo offers (more options to earn money on).

...but it's far from perfect!

I've encountered numerous spelling mistakes, I think the site could be made more beginner friendly (although you get used to it), the general presentation is average at best, and the user experience isn't the slickest I've encountered with online membership sites. 

After speaking to Guy prior to investing in it, I felt the pro's outweighed the cons, and after using it for a couple of months, I would stand by that decision. 

As there is a lot of talk on Matched Betting right now, and this offer is out, perhaps even for a limited time, I thought I would share an affiliate link for those of you that are interested in trying it, but nervous about the initial £99+VAT outlay. 

Full Disclosure
If you click on the links within this post and sign up to the full membership after the 14 day trial, I will receive a commission from PM. 
This link adds no cost to you, and I have experience with using the site. I recommend this site because it's been able to make me money, very easily with Matched Betting, and not because I get a commission for it. 

I'm also happy to answer any questions on it's service based on my experience so far. So, please ask away!

The 14 day trial referral link is HERE

The full membership referral link is HERE

In any case, I hope some of you benefit from this £1 trial whilst it's running. Let me know if you try it out or if you have any questions on it. 

Have an awesome week everyone!

PS - I can't post it here on my Blog (that I'm aware of anyway), but if you'd like to use the same spreadsheet as Guy created for me to keep track of your Matched Betting bets, please send me a message on the 'contact me' section on the right hand side and I'll happily email you a copy.   

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