How To Make £7,933 Matched Betting (in just 6 Months!)

Would you like to know how to make £7,933.27 by Matched Betting in just 6 months?

This isn't a con, fix or scam. This is legit, tax free profit.

Early Retirement Guy started Matched Betting in November 2015, and just 6 months later he's reported his earnings at £7,933.27. Now that's impressive!

How the hell did he do that?!

I have some good news, he's going to show us how....

I have an exciting interview coming up on my Youtube Channel with the man himself, and I'm going to be pitching questions to him on all things Matched Betting. 

Guy has also recently set up another site dedicated to solely to it - Matched Betting Guy. He tracks his progress, answers on the topic, and helps others earn money doing it.

I helped Guy get up and running with Kindle last year (which he's done very well in!), and he was kind enough to give me an insight into his Matched Betting world. 

The reason I'm interviewing Guy is down to how easy I've found the whole process. So much so, Guy's tagline to the site - 'Like Printing Your Own Money' - I've found to be totally true. 

I want to share this world with you too....

My Experience

I decided to give it a go in April. I know I don't need to take on more things in my life, but I wanted to see how easy it REALLY was.....

....I made £427 profit.

All whilst making a couple of stupid mistakes that cost me additional profits, and I've barely spent any time doing it due to other commitments. 

I literally fell into £427. 

I've seen that it's a legit source of income, and although I won't be trading my time away from Kindle for it (as I believe it has a much higher earning potential), I'm still going to chip away at the process by placing a bet a day and seeking an additional £250-£500 per month because it's too easy not to!

If anyone has 30 mins to 3 hours a day free hat they can dedicate to making more money, I see no reason to why you can't make £500 - £1,000 a month doing this process - based on what Guy's shown me.  

I made £427, with very little work. 

The Youtube Clusterf#'k

I made a bit of a mess of the Live Google Hangout. I accidentally closed it down within a minute, and struggled to get it up and running again. 


I got it sorted in the end and you can view the entire Q&A session below. The first 3 1/2 minutes are my favourite..... where we don't realise it's recording and we're just talking about getting the call started! Skip to 3.30 mins to avoid.


Do you have any questions, concerns, fears, aspirations, doubts about the whole process?

Please leave your questions in the comments section below and either I or Guy will answer them for you.

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