HD TV 001 - Day in the Life / FIRE Escape Dates / Course Update

HDTV 001 - 27th May 2016

Day in the life / Vlog

I've been thinking about capturing a 'day in the life' type video for a while now. Procrastination, laziness, and fear of boring you have all played their part in it not happening, but not anymore!

I was inspired by watching such a video from Cora Harrison @ The Mini Millionaire yesterday. She recorded a 'day in the life'. I find the format interesting, and this one was no different, aside form it being refreshing to watch someone in the UK do their thing. 

So, I decided to give it a bash... and here it is! (Thanks again Cora!) 

The recorded day is Friday 27th May 2016. It's a standard work day at home for me. Here's a time breakdown of the key bits:

01.20 - Setting up the day
03.30 - Working on my Course 
05.37 - Sneak Preview
08.08 - Coffee Chat & Secret
09.17 - Couch Stretch
12.50 - Morning Summary
13.50 - Lunch Cooking Skills
17.36 - Cool Emails
21.12 - Matched Betting Bets
23.50 - FIRE Escape - Dates & Location (What do you think?)
27.18 - Training the Side Splits & Sculpt the Guns
40.50 - Day Wrap up

Please let me know what you think? What you like? What you don't? What would you like to see more of? 

As you can tell I'm new to all of this, and I'd like to make these videos as interesting as possible for you. Please share your feedback in the comments below!

It's Lou's birthday today so we're going out to have some fun. I hope you all have a great Bank Holiday weekend!

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