Comfort Zone Challenge: Giving Blood

Watch me crap myself Giving Blood

In this video I share the footage of my first Comfort Zone Challenge of the year - Giving Blood

It might not sound like a big challenge to a lot of you, but for me, it was a big deal. 

As soon as I see the claret red, I feel woozy and light headed. It's a psychological link I've created for myself as a child and I've been unable to shake it. I'm hoping that this step will get me closer to handling my own blood in a more rational way. 

More importantly, it's something I've been keen to do in order to help other people in need. I love to help others. I've always liked the 'idea' of giving blood and potentially saving lives. I've just not been brave enough to voluntarily face becoming vulnerable in front of others in this way. 

Will I do it again?

I was asked during the filming, and on my Youtube channel if I would do it again. I wasn't sure at the time of filming, but I am now. I will and here's why:

My mum shared this amazing story on facebook of how a women almost died giving birth. She lost 4.5 litres of blood and went through 21 blood transfusions. She thanked everyone at the hospital for saving her life, but was unable to thank those 21 people for donating. 

As a recipient, she couldn't donate blood back in return, so she resolved to requesting her friends family and followers on Facebook to donate on her behalf. At the time of writing she had 14 people donate or sign up to donate. 

The story really got me. That's why people do it. 

I want to use my competitive nature to donate shit loads of blood, and help to inspire others to do the same. My drive can be used to challenge myself and see how much blood I can donate. Could I get to 21 by myself? Perhaps 50. Wait, what about 100!!!! 

That's me to a tee - getting carried away with it all, but I think it's best to recognise our strengths, harness them and use them for good wherever possible. 

As a by product of all of this, I'm sure the more I do it, the more natural it will become, and then I'll no longer fear seeing my own blood. I think it has multiple pluses and next to no negatives for me to avoid doing it again in future. 

Perhaps, I could film every one of them for people to see the progression on how I developed from a Scaredy-Cat to a Blood Giving Beast!

Please Note:
This video does NOT contain any blood or footage of needles, for those of you concerned. 

It just contains an anxious ginger man!

Do you give blood? How do you find it? Does it get easier?

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