'The ONE Thing' by Gary Keller - My Book Review

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One of my biggest development areas is taking on too many things at once. I have this belief that I can tackle everything at once, spinning 10 plates at a time. In reality, I end up falling short in numerous areas, and dropping plates left, right and centre. 

'The ONE Thing' has a great reputation. I've seen a lot of people recommend it, so I decided to give it a go and see if it could encourage me to spin fewer plates. 

.....I was pleasantly surprised!

The book is brilliantly simple in it's message, delivery, and language. It makes for a very easy read, but don't let that fool you. The book is packed with outstanding advice on becoming successful in whichever field you're interested in - Business, Finance, Career, Relationships, Family, Health and Well-Being. 

I'm not someone who cares too much for presentation, I'd take scruffy substance any day, but the book is well presented. They use fun illustrations to compound they point and assist in the learning process. They underline key sentences within the text (which I've not seen before) to help highlight take-home points, and they summarise chapters with 1-5 Key learning points at the end of each chapter. So, once you've read the book, you can flick back to the end of the chapter to remind yourself, rather than reading the whole chapter. 

I took at least one significant learning point from every chapter, but I regularly took several key points. I've implemented what I learned from the book and it's made a big impact in my life already. It's helped me focus more on the ONE, most important thing in my business - Producing my Online Course - and I don't think I could go back now. 

The book will help you with the following:

I read this book under a week, which is quick for me, and I've read it multiple times in sections since. It's in my top 3 books, for the impact it's had on my life, and I would say it's a must read for anyone looking to improve themselves. 

Have you read the book? What did you think?

I've provided an affiliate link to the book on Amazon below. I receive a 5% commission if you click on the link and buy it but it won't cost you any more for taking this route. 

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