FIRE Escape - NEW Facebook group

Hi all,

Just a quick post to inform you all that the FIRE Escape Facebook group has been set up and has it's first 2 members. 

I've also emailed everyone that's said they're interested in attending with my details for payment. If people drop out or new people express interest, I will adjust the payment or give money back accordingly. 

Why have I set up a Facebook group?

I want to broaden the communication possibilities of people attending. Whether it's to organise lift shares, plan meals, ideas for future weekends or to discuss financial tactics. 

I wanted to have a base for people to talk at any time they want and I hope it helps bring people together outside of Facebook - ie. REAL friends. 

What if you don't use Social Media?

It's totally up to you. I only started using Facebook for Kindle Publishing, coaching, mastermind groups. I rarely use it for personal reasons. I think it's like a lot of modern concepts, Facebook has a lot of benefits when used in the right way, it connects people, it's free and easy to use. 

What if you don't want to reveal your identity

I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. I'll continue to update people on the FIRE Escape happenings on my Blog. But to be transparent, I'd like to do a lot of the organising and decision making on the Facebook page due to it's speed and availability. 

You can create an account with a different name/picture if it makes you more comfortable. 

This is also a 'Secret Group' that only members can search for. Non-members won't be able to find it or be able to see who is within the group. 

Privacy & confidentiality are very important to me, this group and its members. 

If you want to join, request me as a friend on Facebook and message me asking to put you in. You can find me on -

I don't like creating rules, but I feel it is necessary in this instance:

Please respect the group by not divulging the details and members within it. I know how uncomfortable some people are about having their identities on the public domain. I'll remove anyone from the group immediately if they're unable to abide by it's terms.  

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