Youtube Video: My Last Day At Work.....Possibly Ever?

The last 3 months have been building up to this day. I announced to the team in July that I would leaving my job and working full time as a Kindle Publisher. Unsurprisingly, the time has flown by and here we are in October and I'm on my own, 'financially speaking'. 

My last day at work was Friday 2nd October. I borrowed a Go Pro camera from my company to film parts of my last day and I'd like to share the footage with you all. 

Why dress up as He-Man?

Why not!

OK, there's more to it than that. As some of the regular readers will be aware, I had an operation to take my Gall Bladder out last November. During my recovery I was unable to attend the fancy dress 'super hero' day at work and I was gutted! I purchased the He-man outfit especially for the occasion. I committed to the team that I would wear the outfit before I left the company. I couldn't deny people the chance to see me in a ginger bob, and now you all get the opportunity to see it as well!

The video is over 50 mins long. There's a lot in it! You get a nice insight to where I worked, the things I got up to, stories, and the people I worked with. I'm sure this video will help you understand why I was (and still am!) so sad about leaving. 

Filming and Editing

The filming angle is a little high in parts, and it gets a bit clunky in sections but you still get the idea, and no-one can argue it's not REAL. The sound quality is pretty poor too. Go Pro's are built for vision, not sound. I spent hours typing in comments from other people so you can read what's being said and stay with the clips. 

The multiple edits resulted in the final film being a massive file. So much so that when I uploaded it to my computer it took 90 minutes to do. Once I had saved it to my computer, I could then upload it to Youtube. Upon doing so, Youtube declared it was going to take 1,500 minutes to upload! Yes, I'm not joking or exaggerating - 1,500 minutes. That's 25 hours to upload! I left the computer on overnight and had to forgo any internet based work during that time as the connection was being utilised by the upload. 

I've learned a lot from doing this process, mainly never to edit a film of this length with this much detail ever again, but it's done now, and I can finally share it with all of you. 

The first clip is where I pick up the Go Pro in another office just before 10am. (I wasn't able to film my entrance into the office dressed as He-man or more aptly Huw Man unfortunately). However, I planned on walking into the office with the Go Pro on record and filming everyone by surprise


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