FIRE Escape - Cheyne Cottage, Devizes TOMORROW

I hope you've all had a great week so far. The weekend is almost upon us and I wanted to go over a few last things before the FIRE Escape take over the countryside village of Potterne.


I was sent an email from the owner which I thought would be useful to share with you all: 

Ahead of your arrival:
Please find attached a map (Map to Cheyne Cottage) that should help you find the tiny Mill Road at the centre of Potterne Village. If you have satnav, the address is Cheyne Cottage, 6/7 Mill Rd, Potterne, SN10 5ND.
Be warned: a couple of guests, in the past, have ended up in another village 2 miles away (which also has a Mill Rd!). ...make sure you’re heading for Potterne.

There is parking for 4 cars (just!), immediately outside the front of the cottage and now, a new driveway for parking down the side of the cottage too!
Please take care when entering and exiting the gravelled driveway - particularly be aware of the low timber sleeper wall in front of the house opposite :-)


All of this info was sourced form the website, so if you've already looked ignore this section, but for those that haven't - Here are some details on what we get for our money:

What he doesn't have and you'll need to bring:


A&L have very kindly offered to cater for the Saturday evening meal. Darren and Karen, and have also kindly offered to supply a soup starter for Sat evening too. 

There's a Costcutter in the village. My experience of these shops has been more like shitty, no range & expensive food, but I could be mistaken. There's a Morrisons, Iceland and Sainsbury's in Devizes which is 2 miles away from Potterne. 

Lou and I will bring some basics like bread, milk, oats, and we plan on doing a more thorough food shop in Devizes on Friday afternooon. We want to find out if people would like to share meal ideas, and food for the rest of the weekend before buying a shit ton of food for ourselves.

Bring anything that would only go to waste sat at home, but please don't go crazy and all bring 4 pints of milk, and 2 loafs of bread. 

I suggest we discuss food options when we're at the cottage and we can do a more calculated shop when we know what we want, who else wants to join in, and how much we need to buy.  

I have absolutely no problem with people arriving being fully catered for and sorting themselves out. Don't worry about 'not fitting in' or being 'selfish'. I couldn't give a toss personally and food can be very important to some people. 

Lou and I would like to treat those that are present to breakfast Saturday morning. I plan on taking the approach above before shopping for it later on Friday. 


There is a very weak/limp schedule, but a schedule nonetheless:

....and that's it!


If you haven't done so already. Can you email me on and I'll forward you my bank details?

Have I missed anything?

If anyone has any other questions, please drop it in the comments below or email me direct. 

Lou said my organising of this weekend has been "shit". Is she right? Please let me know how I can do a better job. I'm all ears!

I'm really looking forward to it now. Have a safe journey down everyone, and I'll see you all very soon!

Huw (& Lou)

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