Youtube Video - How I Achieve My Goals With A Weekly Summary

In this video I share my strategy of how I track my Annual Goals with a Weekly Summary. 

This was a new idea that I tried in January 2015 and the spreadsheet has turned out to be an invaluable tool for me. It helps you to keep on track of your annual goals by breaking them down into manageable weekly tasks. It bridges the gap between where you are today, and where you want to be in 12 months, 6 months, 3 months and 1 months time. 

The Weekly Summary compliments the spreadsheet and acts as a journal of sorts. You look back at the previous week and analyse your performance against your weekly goals. You give yourself credit for the positive actions and critique the areas where development is needed. 

The premise of this spreadsheet is simple but it's not easy to keep to. It's like most things that are worth doing! 

Being truly honest with yourself when you've done well and poorly takes courage and commitment. I kept to the Weekly Summary for 4 months and I enjoyed every single session. It paved the way for me to leave my 9-5 job later this year. I got complacent and felt that I didn't 'need' to do it anymore so I stopped, and as a consequence my actions and results haven't been as dramatic as they once were. 

I leave my 9-5 job for good in October, and I want to get back on track with my Weekly Summaries as they made a huge difference to my life this year. I'm hoping they'll help with this difficult transition. 

If you want to progress in any area of life - lose weight, earn extra money or spend more time with loved ones - I would recommend this more than almost anything else out there for getting proven results!

What do you think? 

Do you follow a similar strategy already? Are you interested in trying it out? Please let me know your thought!

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