Vote for the UK Gathering Location & Group Name

Quick post this time folks....

Video number two is out. This one briefly discusses the 3 locations I've shortlisted for the next UK Gathering 'Dan Sath'. Click on the gormless face below to hear me discuss the 3 options. 

I've provided links to the websites for the 3 options in the Youtube video description to help you make your choice. 

Once you've watched the video, please click on the link below and vote for the location that appeals to you most of all. Please vote within the next 2-3 days as I'll need to book and pay a deposit to hold the space. 

Just to clarify, anyone that's interested in coming along has the right to vote in my opinion. Even if you're not sure if you could make it or not. Your opinion means a lot!

Votes will close on Sunday evening

I've also put in an additional survey question for you to decide the name of our group for these gatherings. There are plenty to choose from. 

I will go with the most popular option for both the location and the name. 

Vote Here for the Gathering Location & Group Name


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