Dividend Income - May 2015 (plus some other bits and bobs)

plan on recording my monthly dividend payments on this blog for you all to see. I earned £9.88 in the whole of 2013, £590.33 in 2014, and I have a goal to earn £2,000 in Dividends for 2015. This post will collate all of the dividends I've received this month and how I'm tracking against my Dividend Goals. I will reveal which companies have paid, and how much they've contributed. 

I have three accounts where I'm currently earning Dividends from - I have an ISA account with H&L and iWeb, and a taxable share account with iWeb. 

May Dividend Payments:
British American Tobacco£15.09
Lloyds Banking Group£0.26
Royal London Sterling Extra Yield Bond£19.81
Standard Chartered£44.23
Loyalty Bonus£0.08
iWeb ISA
iWeb CMI
Lloyds Banking Group£9.75
Standard Chartered£40.51
Combined Total£339.89

May's dividends were my best ever, and have made a considerable impact on my monthly average. At the end of April my average was £103.46, and thanks to this bumper month it's gone up to £150.75. To be on track with my 2015 Dividend Income Goal (£2,000) I need to bring in £167 per month. My dividend income is very sporadic so I'm not expecting to hit that amount every month, but I'm pleased to see my monthly average is now well within reach. I'm also due to have substantial dividends in June. Not as high as this month, but still above my monthly goal of £167.  

Over the course of 2014, my dividends averaged £49.19 per month. I received a dividend payment in every month last year, so I can now make a Year-on-Year comparison for every month. In May last year I received £55.29. This represents a 514increase Year on Year. May was a landmark month for me last year, and it looks like it's done it again.

Dividends - 2015
2015 Total£753.74
2015 Average£150.75

I haven't been through my forward dividends for June yet, but it looks like my monthly average will increase to something very close to £167. 

My Goals

As it stands right now, my forward dividends will be short of my annual goal. The only way for me to achieve the £2,000 I'm looking for is to continue buying DGI stock each month. You may have noticed my lack of presence on this Blog and a lack of comments on other peoples Blog within this community. Please don't be concerned. This Blog is still important to me, but my time is mainly being taken up with my work on Kindle Publishing. 

I've had an initial discussion with my manager about my future, and the possibility of working part time. They were very encouraging and reassuring. I want to use my disposable income to fund more work in kindle, rather than investing in stocks or selling my current portfolio to fund my work. I've really cranked things up now, and I have some ambitious goals. I'd like to earning what I earn in my employment with Kindle by December 2015. Yes that's right, I want to be earning £3,000+ a month not £1,000 in 7 months. I know how, I believe in myself and I just have to do it now. It's a matter of time!

How? What's changed? 

My knowledge and mind set most of all. I've learned how to upscale my business, how to market my books properly and get better results than I was already getting. I have a team of Virtual Assistants working for me now. I have a working schedule, and I've hired more writers. There's always more to do too - Hence my lack of writing! Any spare moments are spent sourcing new book ideas, creating paperback copies or audio copies. June income should increase, but I'm expecting July to be much better. 

I will continue to post my dividend income, purchases updates, my income/expenses, and Net Worth. I'll just be slightly quieter than normal. 

Once I become FI, I'll have the opportunity to do much more writing than I did previously, and as I mentioned above if things go as planned that could happen in 2015, which seems unbelievable right now. I'll also move to a hosted site and turn things up a notch on the Blog side of things. 

How was May for you? I can't be the only one who had a great month - Let's hear from you! How are you getting on with your targets after 5 months? 

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