UK Gathering - Date Confirmed!

Good morning people! Thank you for your patience in waiting for the much anticipated UK Gathering date. Miss FFBF has been seriously bugged over the last 2 weeks. I've been like a five year old kid in the back seat of a car asking if we're there yet. 

"Do you know which weekends you have free?" 
"Do you know yet?"
"Have you talked to your boss?"
"What are you doing with that hammer?"

I'm pleased to say that we now have it. Get your diary's out, check your schedules and book this date and time in:

Saturday 21st March 2015 - 10am

I've suggested a slightly earlier time than the New Year Gathering to get a bit more time in before lunch. You can of course arrive at any time you like! But for those of you that are keen to make the most of the day (or with shorter commutes) this seems a reasonable time to start proceedings. I plan on stopping overnight with Miss FFBF in Stratford. I don't want to feel a rush to get back home and I'd like to have the full experience. With that said, if I'm the only person stopping over that's just fine by me, as Miss FFBF and I can have a nice evening together. If anyone or all of you want to stop for the evening, you are of course welcome! I've not looked into hotels/B&B's yet, but I will let you know where we're stopping when we know closer to the time. 

The location is yet to be confirmed. Darren (who I met on the New Year Gathering) is local to the area so I'll be seeking some suggestions from him. My thoughts were to find a fairly quiet spot, just outside the centre, with a pub/cafe close by, where we can all chat and relax. There's no agenda, I just want to organise a time, date and location and let the rest happen. I suppose that might be a slight fib. My agenda is to meet as many of you fellow Bloggers and readers as possible, to meet you in person, to listen to your stories and experiences, to be motivated and inspired, and most importantly....... to have a bloody good time!

I hope this date works for you, and please accept my apologies if you can't make it. Inevitably there will be people that can't make the date. I hope from the back of this gathering we can turn it into a semi-regular thing. Why not have a Spring, Summer and Autumn Gathering? We can select different spots for each one and if you can't make a particular one, there's always the chance of coming to the next one. 

So, what do we think? Are you interested? Can you make it? Are you excited? All thoughts welcome!

I look forward to meeting you in person on the 21st March!