Portfolio Update - November 2014

My main focus as a Dividend Growth Investor is the amount of Income I receive on a monthly basis. My long term goal is to receive a yield that will surpass the cost of my expenses each month. My annual overheads are currently under £10,000 per year, and my investments average over a 4% return. By using those numbers, I would require £250,000 in my portfolio to cover all bills and spending money. 

I want to keep track of the value of my portfolio each month as I go through this process. It's been motivating to see the growth of my pot since I started DGI. Recording this data has helped by raising my awareness of individual stocks and the market as a whole. I now find myself eager to invest so I can report back on the progress I've made. 

I achieved one of my goals for 2014 by having a portfolio worth more than £12,000 in July. I sold some tracker funds I had in an old account, and used the money to invest in some companies last month.  The reinvestment from the sale took my portfolio value up to my Version 2 Goal of £17,500. In last months Portfolio Update I announced that I would be creating Version 3, and increasing the Goal up to £20,000 because I didn't want to count the money that had been transferred. 

My portfolio value went up in November. The increase was a result of purchasing Admiral Group, receiving above average dividends, and an increase in value in some of my shares.

At the end of October my Freedom Pot was worth £17,169.00. When the market closed on 28th November my portfolio was worth £19,263.99 which is a £2,094.99 increase (12.2%). This is a significant increase for me month on month. The total cost for Admiral Group including charges were £1,266.79, and I received £83.71 in dividends. If I subtract the combination of the two from my increase I'm left with £744.49. This would suggest that my portfolio grew by this monetary amount. There are a several companies that increased in November but there were a couple that performed particularly well and they were my recent purchases of Morrison's and IG Group which are now worth 11% more than what I paid for them.  

At the end of October I was £2,831 off my Version 3 target of £20,000. At the end of November I'm now £736.01 short with one month to go. The increase in share value has helped immensely and I'm now within sight of the goal. I plan on making one purchase in December. If my portfolio holds its value during this month, with the support of another above average month of dividends, I should cross that mark.

Thank you for reading!

How was November for you? Has your portfolio increased this month? Are you still on track for your end of year Goals?