UK Gathering - FI / PF Bloggers and Readers - Symonds Yat

If you're an avid reader of the great Mr Money Mustache Blog like I am, you'll be familiar with the MMM gatherings he sets up around America. Fellow Bloggers, readers and general Financial Independence enthusiasts meet up at a set location and time, and hang out. They are based around workshops, presentations and at times it's just about being around like-minded people. 

I've felt a bit envious of these gatherings taking place over the pond, as I'm unable to attend. Time spent socialising, learning and laughing with like-minded people is all very appealing to me. I've learned that you are most like the people you choose to spend time with - positive and negative! 

We've decided to take a unique route in life compared to most people. Love it or hate it, we're different. So, why not embrace our individuality?! A few readers and fellow Bloggers have discussed a PF/FI UK meet up but we're rapidly running out of time for 2014. The temperature is starting to drop, the nights are closing in, and we'll be talking about Christmas soon. I was considering what time of year to suggest as a date and I undoubtedly think the summer would be fantastic. That is a long way ahead, and I'm sure we can set up one or two meet-ups prior to the summer months. A light-bulb then flickered above my head, we have a unique opportunity approaching us very soon - The New Year. I'm not talking about getting drunk, dancing and overpriced entry tickets on New Years Eve. I'm thinking of 2015, New Years Resolutions or more specifically 2015 Goals 

Why not capitalise on a time of year where most people think about what they've achieved in 2014 and what the plan on doing for 2015. This is a topic of conversation for a lot of people in the New Year, so we could form our meet up around it. 

The primary focus of the gathering is to get people with similar interests together and getting to know each other more. We can then anchor the meet up around Goal setting for 2015. We can share what we have as goals for 2015. I think this might help the 'goal setter' feel more committed to delivering their goal, and I believe it will inspire others to think of similar goals or to push themselves. I would like it to be in a very informal setting and to take a relaxed approach about the whole thing. If we walk away from it having made friends and had fun I think it would be a great success. If people go home with new goals for 2015, and feel motivated about the year ahead then it's a real bonus!

I'm proposing a UK PF/FI meet up for Bloggers, Readers and enthusiasts on Saturday 3rd January 2015, at Symonds Yat, Herefordshire. There's a pub right next to the River Wye called the Saracens Head - Link to website. The pubs Postcode is HR9 6JLThey have loads of seating (and parking) by the river, we can relax, chat and drink (tea or alcohol). I was going to propose 11am. It also allows us most of the day to socalise and it won't be too early for travellers. We can choose to sit there all day, walk alongside the river to the rope bridge, or if people have the energy, we could walk up the hill to Symonds Yat Rock. There's plenty of food and drink options, and you can even bring your own if you want to save some money.

Saracens Head location

There's just over 2 months to go until the New Year, and I hope I'm early enough to suggest this before people make alternative plans. I'm going to call out all UK Bloggers and Readers of PF and FI. Please share this post with other Bloggers and Readers, whether it's on your Blog, Twitter, Facebook etc. I will go ahead with the gathering even if there's one person going, but it would be great to have a nice turn out. 

I hope to see you there!

What do you think? If you're interested, please leave a comment or feel free to contact me direct.