Dividend Income - September 2014

plan on recording my monthly dividend payments on this blog for you all to see. I have a Goal for 2014 of producing more than £300 in Dividend payments. This post will collate all of the dividends I've received this month and how I'm tracking with the Goal. I will reveal which companies have paid, and how much they've contributed. 

I'm in the early stages of Dividend Growth Investing, yet I'm already witnessing the increased impact they are having on my monthly income. Over time, the Dividends will continue grow and become more significant. My long term goal is to receive enough Dividend Income to surpass my monthly expenses. I need to remain patient in this early stage because success will not arrive overnight. I will continue to save a large proportion of my monthly income (over 50% for 2014), invest as much money as I can afford, and re-invest all other income streams into Dividend Growth stocks. I will repeat this process consistently for several years to meet my goal of becoming Financially Independent by my 40th Birthday.

September Dividend Payments:

Monthly Dividends
Ashtead Group £0.37
BP Plc £14.36
British American Tobacco £7.13
Catlin Group ltd £20.90
Newton Asian Income Fund £5.77
Pearson plc £19.89
Royal Dutch Shell plc B shares £6.11
SSE plc £38.24
Unilever plc £11.04
Broker Loyalty Bonus £0.38

Total £124.19

September was a record high for me. My previous best was in June 2014, where I received £114.08. I have more companies paying me dividends in September than any other month in the year (9 Companies/Funds). This should be a fruitful month for me every year. 

I received £3.13 dividends in September last year. This is a £121.06 increase (3867%) year on year. 

My 2014 Dividend total is now at £415.21, which is £115.21 more than my £300 Goal for 2014. I'm very pleased with hitting this goal with a quarter to go. I knew that I would hit it a few months back, but it's nice to finally do it. 

This is now the second goal I've achieved for 2014. I now have two to go, you can find my goals here. I received £9.88 in the whole of 2013, and I would never have thought that I would get more than £400 at the start of the year. 

I'm currently on track to receive over £500 for 2014. My purchases in October, November and December are less likely to pay in 2014, so I might not be able to increase my total now, but it will all help with my forward dividend total fro 2015. I have an idea of what I want to achieve in Dividends for 2015 (My second year of DGI), but I will wait until December before making the final call. 

I hope September was fruitful for you. Please let me know how it went. 

Thank you for reading!