Liebster Award

I'm pleased to announce that I recently received two nominations for a Liebster Award. The first one came in from the wonderful Weenie at Quietly Saving and the second from the delightful Dividend Life. Thank you both! 

What is a Liebster Award?

It's an online award for Bloggers from fellow Bloggers. If you choose to accept the nomination, you get the opportunity to answer some questions about yourself. You can then choose to nominate some Blog's yourself and ask your own questions. 

It seems a nice way to interact with other Bloggers, learn more about each other, and explore new Blogs. I'm happy to receive the award and pass on the torch! Here are my answers to both sets of questions:

Questions from Quietly Saving

1. What's your favourite holiday destination? Ireland - It's a beautiful country, full of fantastic people, and it has so much to offer.

2. What piece of financial advice would you give to your 18 year old self? Save/invest at least 50% of all income.

3. What was your favourite book when you were a child? The Faraway Tree 

4. What's your favourite quote?
"The secret to Happiness is to make others believe they are the cause of it."

5. Which song is currently on your top play list of your iPod/generic MP3 player/radio? Lana Del Ray - West Coast

Questions from Dividend Life

1. What do you want people to take away from your blog? To take anything away is a bonus for me - A shared experience, knowledge, inspiration, or a smile.

2. What’s the most valuable financial lesson you’ve learned? Record all income and all expenses for as long as possible. Nothing has come close to this for me.

3. Mountains or Beach?
Too tough. I love both. I select a mountain with a beach at the bottom. :-)

4. How would you convince a teenager that personal finance is cool? "Would you like to not work at all and do anything you want with your time when you're older? Here's how...."

5. Who has inspired you and what did they inspire you to do? My Grandad - He was a Japanese Prisoner of War for 3 1/2 years and lived until he was 93. To survive what he went through and live a long, full life is nothing short of staggering.

My Nominations

I hope that Quietly Saving and Dividend Life were pleased with my answers. Thank you both once again for the kind nominations. In the spirit of the Liebster award, I would like to nominate the following......

Under The Money Tree - This proud Scotsman works in the finance industry in London. His 'Money Tree' is cultivated by his day job, investments in stocks in shares, buy-to-let properties, mortgage over-payments, and internet marketing to new but a few. 

My Dividend Growth - Over the pond to Ryan, who's a TV editor in LA. He enjoys his work but it is guaranteed long term. He wants to set up a Dividend Income stream to eventually live off. He happens to be one of the nicest Bloggers I've come across too. 

If you haven't visited either Blog, please click on the links and check them out. 

If UTMT and Ryan are happy to accept the award, here are their questions to post on their Blog:

  1. What is the best financial advice you could pass on to someone?
  2. What's your favourite movie of all time?
  3. What is the best type of investment in your opinion and why?
  4. Outside of finance, what is your biggest passion in life?
  5. What's quote or saying do you find most inspiring?