Do you need cheering up?

I'm not a extensive user of social media. Truth be told, I usually scan the latest 'goings on' whilst I'm sat on the toilet or waiting in a queue somewhere.

During this mornings skimming, I came across this video and it made me laugh out loud, literally. I was on my own, and I wanted to share the joy I had received with someone. I knew just the people....

Prior to watching the clip, I was focused on the tasks I had set for myself today. What were my priorities? How could I fully utilise today? The film offered some much needed light relief. 

We can all at times fall into a trap of taking ourselves too seriously. Every now and then we need a quick reminder to what's really important in life. Watching a short video like this gave me the prompt to embrace silliness. If I have half as much joy as this 84 year old, I'll be a happy man.

I hope you have a 'Silly Sunday'. Enjoy!

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