Portfolio Update - June 2014

It's the end of yet another month and I can now look back and assess how successful it was for me. I can give myself some credit for the good decisions I've made and review any areas I could have improved on to help make better future decisions.
I'm primarily a Dividend Growth Investor so I'm more concerned with how much I receive on a monthly basis in dividends. However, I want to keep track of the value of my portfolio as I go through this process. I think it will help motivate me to see the growth of my total pot. Especially if I can see a steady increase every month (fingers crossed!). 
It will help me keep track of the market as a whole. Rather than singling out top performers, I can see how my shares performing as a whole.

I've found that recording data has helped to motivate me to improve my performance. This has been the case for me recording my workouts, my investments, and more recently my income and expenditure. 

One of my goals for 2014 is to have a portfolio value worth £12,000. I will report what my portfolio is worth at the start of every month so I can see how I'm progressing towards this goal.

June was a bit disappointing for me overall. As I mentioned in a Recent Post this is the first month I haven't bought any shares. This month was due to happen at some stage, and I'm pleased that it didn't arrive earlier than it did. I managed to save just under £700 for June (which is below my self-imposed £1000 investing limit) which I will use to invest with for July. So, I've been reliant on the dividend income and share value to take me over the line for my 2014 Goal of getting a portfolio value of £12,000The Dividends Gods were pleased with me for June, and it ended up being my best month by some margin (I'll update you all on my Dividend Income post). At the end of May my Portfolio value was worth £11,959.94 which is just £40.06 short of my 2014 Goal. I was expecting more than double that amount in Dividend Income in June, and as my shares has been going up as a whole fro several months, I 'assumed' June would be the month to hit it, but unfortunately, I fell short! Now, what do people say to you for assuming things......

My portfolio value at the end of June was £11,833.47 which is £126.47 less than it was in May (1% loss). For those of you that have read my Dividend Income for June would have seen that I received £114.08, but it still wasn't enough to take me over the line, as a few of my shares lost a bit of value during June. 

It's not all Doom and Gloom though. As I mentioned above, I have just under £700 to invest with for July, which is added to the dividend income I brought in for June and the divi's that are due in for July. I'm also getting my biggest wage of the year next week, so I'm going to have a very nice sum to invest with. I'm likely to have enough money to invest in 2 companies with some money left over. I know I can't 'guarantee' anything, and I wouldn't want to sound like a fool and 'assume' anything again, but I should be crossing the line for my Portfolio Goal of £12,000 next month. Stay tuned!  

Thank you for reading!