Stock Purchase: No action for June

Climbing Slieve Donard, Newcastle, N. Ireland

June has been pretty quiet for me on the Blogging and share dealing front. This is our busiest time of year at work, and I'm working longer hours than normal. I'm also enjoying spending some quality time with Miss FFBF now that  she has a new job and our hours co-inside with each other. It's nice to be able to spend almost every night with her watch films, going for walks and just hanging out. Her hours will eventually change around, and work will start to slow down in the next 3-4 weeks, so I'll be back on the regular Blogging front then. Thanks for your patience during this quiet spell!

I haven't bought any shares so far this month, and I can confirm that I won't be adding to my portfolio this month at all (boo!!!). I had an average months wage to work with (which I'll go into detail about on my Income & Expenses Report next week) which left me with around £700 to invest with. In order for me to minimise my share broker's charges, I only plan on purchasing shares once I have over £1,000 to invest. 

On to more positive news, pay day is next week, and it's going to be my biggest of the year, hurrah! I've forecast approx £2500 spare after I've covered the cost of Bills/Spending to invest with. I can buy shares in two companies in July and I might have a bit left over which I can use towards August's purchase too. June has been my best month for dividends by some degree, and July's looking pretty solid, so that money will also be used to reinvest with for future months.

I'm trying to work towards saving £1000 per month towards buying shares, but due to the nature of my work it can come in large sums and smaller sums. I just try to do my best to 'make hay when the sun is shining' (like July) to make up for the 'dry months' (like June).

I will update you all on my Monthly Dividends, Income & Expenses, and Portfolio next week when we're in JULY.......... Yes July! Isn't it strange that we've nearly passed the first half of the year already. This tends to freak people out, but I kinda like it. Especially when my Investing/Income/Weight Training have remained so consistent. I'm experiences personal bests in all of these areas, and it's really satisfying to know that in time (which seems to fly by) it just seems to get better. I love progression! Like in the picture above, I might not be at the top of the mountain yet, but I'm heading in the right direction, and enjoying the view on route. 

I hope you are all enjoying progression in your fields of interest. Please keep me updated with things are going, as I love to hear all about it. 

Until next weeks updates......

Have fun, work hard, enjoy life! :-)

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