Dividend Income - May 2014

I plan on recording my monthly dividend payments on this blog for you all to see. I have a Goal for 2014 of producing more than £300 in Dividend payments. This post will collate all of the monthly dividends I've received to date this year. I will show which companies have paid, and how much they've contributed. 

I'm in the very early stages of Dividend Growth Investing. The payments I'll be receiving will be small initially and they're likely to stay that way for some time. I need to remain patient in this early stage because success in this area does not arrive overnight. I must continue to save large chunks of my monthly income (over 50% for 2014), invest as much money as I can afford, and re-invest all other income streams into Dividend Growth stocks. I need to repeat this process consistently for several years to reap the rewards of my labour.

May Dividend Payments:

Pearson  £37.44
British American Tobacco  £14.61
Royal London Sterling Extra Yield Bond  £2.97
Broker Loyalty Bonus  £0.27
Total £55.29

May was a record breaking month for me. My previous best was April 2014 when I received £12.16. This is a big increase for me, and it's been the first month that I've started to feel like I'm really making progress with Dividend Investing. One thing I like about dividend investing is that the companies you invest in announce how much they're going to pay you months in advance, so you can accurately forecast how much you're likely to receive in the upcoming months. So these dividend payments aren't a surprise, but I still prefer to see the money in my account rather than my forecasting spreadsheet!

May last year was the very first month I received a dividend payment. I didn't even realise I had received one until months after. I had bought shares in a company to experiment on Growth Investing (where you buy shares at a low price, and sell at a high price to make a profit). I was totally unaware of dividends at the time, but it was the spark for me finding out more about them. I received £1.18 in May 2013, so that's a very healthy increase indeed! (4585% increase)

I have a goal to receive more than £300 in dividend income for 2014. My 2014 total is now standing at £79.53 which I've achieved in 5 months. I'm expecting one of my biggest dividend paying months of the year in June which I'm really excited about. I'm very confident of hitting the target this year (due to calculating forward dividend payments). I'm now 26.5% of the way there and we're almost half way through the year. 

In the next few months I should be closing in on that £300 Goal, and I'm hoping to push on towards £500 by the end of the year with new purchases.

Thanks again for reading!

How has May been for you? Are you on track to hit your annual target? Have you broken any personal records or met any milestones?