Broadband and Telephone Bill for less than £5 per month

We're whizzing through May already, and Miss FFBF and I have spent some time reviewing our expenses. I'm pleased to say we've managed to drive down our expenses a little bit further for next month. 

Our Broadband bill recently increased from £12.95 to £19.95 per month, this announcement reminded us that it's time to look around and see what offers are out there. For those of you that are interested, we were with Plusnet, and we have been very happy with their service. We're in the countryside here, so we usually miss out on the lowest offers due to our lack of coverage. So, this rate has been the best one we could find for the last couple of years. 

Our Phone bill is with Utility Warehouse. We pay approximately £30 per month. We're aware that this is quite high compared to the average phone bill for two people, this is largely because Miss FFBF calls home to Sweden, and regular communication with her friends and family is really important to her. She's now using Skype much more so we've questioned whether we need to stay with Utility Warehouse moving forward.

After spending some time reviewing the current offers we came across a cracking deal from EE. 

(Before I get into the numbers, I just want to clarify that I'm not getting any commission or payments for recommending EE. I'm yet to use them as a provider, so I can't comment on their service either. I just want to highlight the basic saving cost I've managed to make to all the readers out there so you too can make a similar saving.... if you wish)

EE are offering Unlimited Broadband for £2 per month (£24 for the whole year!). This annual expense is almost the same price we would be paying every month. This got our attention!

They have a compulsory line rental of £15.40 per month, but if you pay for the 12 months in advance, you can get a special rate of £132 or £11 per month. 

This deal sounded too good to be true, but it managed to get even better! This deal was the best on the market by a margin, and when buying anything online I always check to see if they have any cashback to add to the savings and we were very pleasantly surprised. The current rate, which lasts for another 3 days, is £105 for a joint Broadband and Home Phone deal.

So, for £13 per month, we could cover our Broadband and Telephone basic costs compared to our current £50 per month. This is a £37 per month saving or £444 per year. Once you add the money we will receive from Topcashback, our total annual basic cost will be £51 for the entire year or £4.25 per month. Not a bad saving for 45 mins work! :-)

This bill is split in half between Miss FFBF and I, and this bill is part of the 'Mortgage/House Bills' section in my Expenses Posts.

We made the decision to allow an additional £10 per month on top of the £4.25 per month to allow for any additional additional expenses on the telephone line just in case. We will review this figure and adjust accordingly over the next few months. 

With that decision in mind, we've now reduced our monthly Expense/Contribution into our 'Mortgage/House Bills' account from £495 down to £470 per month each. That's an extra £25 per month or £300 per year that I can now invest with. A very pleasing outcome indeed. 

The initial outlay has increased my Expenses for May, which will come out in the next 10 days or so, but I feel this is a great investment, as we've managed to make some significant savings over the next 12 months. We've made a note on a calender for 12 months time, so we can review this process next year and see what offers are out then. I'm such a service contract slut. I really get around! 

This monthly saving should help me get closer to a 'Mini-Goal' of mine, which is to have a monthly expense below £699. It's not going to happen in May but I think I should be able to manage this in one month by the end of 2014. 

How does this deal compare to the Broadband and Telephone deals you're currently on? Have you managed to make any savings in May? Or have you scored a nice Cashback Deal recently?