Portfolio Update - April 2014

Another month has come and gone. I can now look back at the month I've just had and assess how successful it was for me. I can give myself some credit for the good decisions I've made and review any areas I could have improved on to help make better future decisions.
I'm primarily a Dividend Growth Investor so I'm more concerned with how much I receive on a monthly basis in dividends. However, I want to keep track of the value of my portfolio as I go through this process. I think it will help motivate me to see the growth of my total pot. Especially if I can see a steady increase every month (fingers crossed!). 
It will help me keep track of the market as a whole. Rather than singling out top performers, I can see how my shares performing as a whole.

I've found that recording data has helped to motivate me to improve my performance. This has been the case for me recording my workouts, my investments, and more recently my income and expenditure. 

One of my goals for 2014 is to have a portfolio value worth £12,000. I will report what my portfolio is worth at the start of every month so I can see how I'm progressing towards this goal.

April was Awesome! I decided to sell part ownership of my car, which gave my investing income a boost, I used that money to buy shares in BAE Systems, GlaxoSmithKline and Tesco, which led to me hitting a personal milestone of having a portfolio worth more than £10,000. 

At the end of March 2014, my portfolio was value was £7,249.67. At the end of April my portfolio value is now worth £10,690.02, which is a £3,440.35 (47%) increase in a month! The increase is due to me investing the money I raised from selling part of my car ownership to Miss FFBF, receiving a performance related bonus at work, and a general increase in my share prices over 4 weeks. I told you April was awesome for me!

As I mentioned at the top of the post, I have a Goal to have a portfolio value of over £12,000 by the end of 2014. I'm now £1,309.98 away from that Goal with 8 months to go. I should comfortably hit this target, and I'm hoping to be closer to £15,000 by the way I'm going. 

Thank you for reading?

How was April for you? Was it equally awesome for you? Are you on track to hit your Goals this year?