Milestone - £10,000 portfolio

Following on from my purchase of Tesco, I'm please to announce that I've passed a personal milestone today, which was to have a portfolio value of £10,000. Three cheers for Huw! Hip, hip...... :-)

As of 5pm today, my portfolio was worth - £10,574.96

I have a goal of having a portfolio value of £12,000 by the end of 2014. This put's me in a fantastic position to blow straight past that. (I'm including the Income bond and the Income fund value within this figure which you can see on the second table in my 'Portfolio Page')

In April 2013, my portfolio value was £275. 6 months ago (October), my portfolio value was £492.

I've been able to increase my portfolio value by more than £9,500 in 6 months, I'm so pleased with that result! 

This turnaround has been due to trying life without a cartrying life without Sky TVusing all of my ISA allowance, and keeping a close eye on my expenses to name a few. 

I've noticed a big change in how I'm spending money and how I'm investing now. I've questioned all of my spending more recently and I've noticed a big turnaround in my disposable income due to this. I'm surprised (in a good way) with how I've managed to improve or reduce my spending in various areas of my life. I think this level of progress is going to start slowing down as I get closer to true frugalism (is that a word?). 

I have to personally give a lot of credit to Mr Money Mustache. I know I'm not revealing anything new to a lot of readers who are already familiar with his work, but he has really tested what I thought 'Frugal living' was. I'm now making a conscious effort to In-source as much work as possible, limit as much spending as possible. I'm really surprised with how much I've enjoyed cutting back on life. On Saturday I biked to the library for fun, I'm wearing extra clothing layers at home, rather than turning the heating on and I'm not spending money in coffee shops or on clothes. I would NEVER have done this before!

I'm looking forward to seeing how I progress this year. I'm also more confident than I have been before that I'll be in a position to retire (if I wish) by the time I'm 40. 

I also wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that has left supporting comments on my posts. It's really helped to keep me motivated. Thank you!

Now it's time to get after that £20,000 marker. Wish me luck!

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