Overcoming challenges - You're in control!

Every single human being has problems. We all get them everyday, and there's nothing we can do about it....... or is there? 

Problems occur everyday for everyone. The only occasional break to these problems are crisis's. In reality, everyone is either in a crisis, they've just gotten out of a crisis, or they're just about to have one! You can't avoid them. People you love will pass away, your fridge might catch fire when you're at work, and your company might decide to cut your wages. Now that's a bad day! 

It's not what the crisis is, it's how you decide to respond to it that's important. 

We also class problems and crisis's differently too. For some people breaking a nail is a 'crisis', whilst for others losing a job is seen as an 'opportunity' to work in an area they've been passionate about all their life. 

I know that I've previously fallen into this trap. For example, one day I got home after I've had a 'rough' day at work. Our sales figures were down, we had two members of the team off sick, everyone was overworked, we were unable to keep up with customer orders, so customers were complaining about the level of customer service they were receiving, and they were right to be unhappy. Once I've told my poor fiance about my tough day (who's a nurse), she turned around and said "You think you've had a rough day?! I had to give chest compression's to a dying patient today, and he didn't make it. The doctors said I did everything right, but I just feel like there must have been something else I could have done to help." WOW.... Maybe my bad day wasn't so bad after all! She helped me understand this point. It's important to gain some perspective sometimes. Before I class anything as a problem, I take a step back and see if there's another way of looking at it. 

The outcome to any situation will be dependent on two things.

  1. The event/incident 
  2. Your response
As I mentioned above, the event or incident can be out of your control. Therefore, you're only left with one option to improve the outcome...... How you choose to respond to it. If you want a different outcome, you need a different response. 

Your response could be triggered by one of three things.
  1. Your thoughts
  2. Your behaviors
  3. Your words
All three of these things are interlinked too. If you concentrate on positive thoughts and outcomes, you'll start to influence positive behaviors, which in turn will lead to positive self-speak. 

I can remember when I signed up for my first triathlon back in 2012. Leading up to the event, I caught a nasty chest infection which meant I was unable to train properly for the 5 weeks leading up to it. The week before the event, I did a training session which was a third of the distance I would be covering and I was struggling to breathe. I thought about pulling out. 
But, I was committed to the outcome. This was my first one, and there was no way I could accept not finishing. So I went for it! 
I didn't allow myself to think that I wouldn't do it, I didn't care how slow I was going to be. I was dammed if I wasn't going to complete it. This helped my behavior and on the day. I actually found myself 'racing' others, picking off people in front of me 1 by 1. I felt like crap on the run (which is the final stage), I thought at one stage I might have a heart attack and I contemplated walking for a bit, but then I saw a 'large' man out in front of me and he was running...... hard! I don't mean to be disrespectful to the guy, I just used it as a motivator. This chap was probably not far off another 50% heavier than me and I thought, if that guy can manage to take that much weight around the course, then I can drag my body around here without stopping. I started talking to myself saying "come on, you can do it!" and before I knew it, I completed the course and it felt fantastic. 

I was only ever going to complete the triathlon, I fully believed it. My times for my condition, were far better than I was expecting. I was surprised how hard I was able to push myself through positive self talk, and being inspired by other people taking a harder route on the same journey. I have the same mindset for my Ultimate Goal of becoming Financial Free by the time I'm 40. When I come up against problems or crisis's, I will look into how I'm responding to them, and ensure I'm thinking, behaving and speaking positively. It won't be easy, but I'm going to get there!

So, how will respond to your next problem? Can you find the opportunity in it? Do you have any mantra's or phrases you tell yourself when times are hard?

I welcome any thoughts, comments, questions or support. Thank you for taking the time to read!