Dividend Income - March

I plan on recording my monthly dividend payments on this blog for you all to see. I have a Goal for 2014 of producing more than £300 in Dividend payments. This post will collate all of the monthly dividends I've received to date this year. I will show which companies have paid, and how much they've contributed. 

I'm in the very early stages of Dividend Growth Investing. The payments I'll be receiving will be small initially and they're likely to stay that way for some time. I need to remain patient in this early stage because success in this area does not arrive overnight. I must continue to save large chunks of my monthly income (over 50% for 2014), invest as much money as I can afford, and re-invest all other income streams into Dividend Growth stocks. I need to repeat this process consistently for several years to reap the rewards of my labour.

March has come and gone, it proved to be my highest dividend paying month with only one payment.

March Dividend Payments:

Royal Dutch Shell Plc B Shares - £5.64

Total - £5.64

OK, it isn't going to change the world but these little pounds and pennies are going to add up over time. It is still a record breaking month for me. My previous best was in December 2013 = £5.57. I want to celebrate any personal best I make, no matter how small, because the act of constant improvement will eventually lead to excellence. I didn't earn any dividends last March, so it's a clear improvement there as well. 

April should be a good month for my wages as I triggered a bonus, but my dividends are likely to be less than this month. May is lined up to be my best dividend month to date, so I'm looking forward to that. 

As I mentioned earlier, I have a goal to receive £300 in 2014. In three months I've now earned £12.08 towards that goal. That's a long way off, but I've forecast much bigger dividends during the rest of the year, and I will be adding to my portfolio throughout. This 2014 total so far is also more than I earned in the whole of 2013  = £9.88. This triggers another landmark, getting over £10 in a year. 

My annual target of £300 is a big challenge, but I feel confident about hitting it by the end of the year. Only time will tell, but I will do everything I can to get there.

Wish me luck, and thanks for reading!

How was March for you? Did you hit any milestones? Did you surpass your performance last year?